Who doesn't remember the good old jukebox born in the fifties? But is it still up-to-date to buy large quantities of records that are only available in one location? Don't go through that hassle. In MusicTouch you have found the jukebox of the 21st century.

A huge number of titles can be saved as data and played from a variety of devices. Different playlists can run on different players at the same time. You can effortlessly design your own playlists, individually tailored to any occasion or location. Fulfil your customers' requests at the push of a button. Enjoy a perfect selection of music - any time and any place.

MusicTouch fits your needs in any location, be it a small bar or a large scale building complex, while being robust enough to be used even on cruise liners. And the interface isn't any more complicated than the good old jukebox.